Design and Construction Standards of MaxiPit’s

  • ASME RPT-1 Reinforced Thermoset Plastic Corrosion-Resistant Equipment
  • AS2634 - Chemical plant equipment made from glass-fibre reinforced plastics
  • AS1546 - Underground tank design
  • AS1170 - Loading code

Design Methodology of MaxiPit’s

The underground tank Design Methodology is based on the use of the above standards as described, where applicable:

  • ASME RTP-1 is used to formulae the Design of the shell under external soil/groundwater loading is based on design for external collapse.
  • AS2634 – is used to formulae the design & manufacture and installation of the Penetrations to the stations 
  • AS1546 is used to formulae the design load of soil/groundwater, and use for the testing methods applied.
  • AS1170 is used to formulae the design loads from active loads that the stations are subject to, including the required roof slab design. This standard is also used to formulae the ballast requirements for anti-floatation.

Materials of construction of MaxiPit’s

  • Corrosion
    • Internal
      • Internal Corrosion Barrier, moulded with a resin rich C’veil and CSM layers
      • Resin rich Corrosion barrier constructed from Polyester Resin
      • The Internal Corrosion Barrier is manufactured in accordance with AS2634
    • External
      • External layer will a resin rich CSM layer and C-Glass veil finished with ISO/NPG Flocoat layer for external finish to required colour
  • Reinforcement
    • Manufactured using Chop & Hoop Construction
    • Shell Thickness are in accordance to the design requirements set out in the methodology.
    • Structural layers are constructed from Polyester Resin with CSM & Hoop in accordance with Ratio’s as specified by the design.
    • Fiberglass ‘E’ glass is used for both chopped and continuous strands.
  • Tank
    • The Pump Station Battered base is circumferentially benched to WSA04—2005
    • FRP Flanged fittings are made in accordance with AS2634, and flanges are installed as per AS2634. Both the internal and external FRP attachment laminates are in accordance with AS2634
    • Glassed Sockets are to industry standards and bonding methods