MPV - MaxiPit with integrated Valve Pit


MaxiPit Pumping Stations have been fully engineered and manufactured to handle the toughest and most challenging environmental situations. MaxiPit Pumping Stations are tough enough to be submerged in volcanic soils, correctional centres and high water tables.

MaxiPit Pumping Stations come with the option of a valve pit to eliminate the need to reach into an open pit to turn off the valves for servicing. One of the ultimate benefits to eliminate a safety hazard onsite.


  • Available with Single, dual or triple pump setups.
  • Free standing or guide rail pump setups.
  • PVC, PE, cast iron pipe work options
  • Brass, cast iron, bronze or stainless steel valves
  • Pipework supports.
  • Float or probe hooks.
  • Galvanised or stainless chain setups
  • Aluminium, cast iron or fibreglass access covers with optional branding
  • FRP inlet stilling tubes.
  • Knife gate valves on inlet with risers and valve stop box.
  • Inlet grinder guide rails
  • All auxiliary penetrations and connections as per individual specifications.
  • Duck bill check valve on valve pit drain