About Us

MaxiPit is an Australian-made brand manufactured by PROTEC FRP, known as the leading brand of pumping stations here in Australia.

MaxiPit’s dynamic enterprise maintains its roots in the industry through dedicated service with over 18 years of experience and product knowledge. The basis for the companies operation, with continuous success, both yours and ours!

With many years of experience MaxiPit Pumping Stations and Storage tanks are renowned for their quality with painstaking attention to detail, and are designed, engineered and manufactured to the highest specifications, built to the Australian standards BS4994-1987 and ASME RPT1.

The design of MaxiPit Products are third party verified against the design standards. Quality Control Procedures ensure each product is inspected and tested using high quality measuring devices and are recorded against each application.

MaxiPit Products are manufactured for many applications and in a wide range of specifications to handle substances such as water, sewage, petroleum products, chemicals, effluent, and for storing process fluids.

MaxiPit products are constructed using the advanced chop hoop filament winding process which ensures circumferential as well as longitudal strength. Every MaxiPit product has a smooth moulded resin rich corrosion barrier inner layer and an external resin rich water penetration barrier. Being manufactured in FRP (fibre reinforced plastics) MaxiPit products are light, easy to handle and easy to install. The smooth internal moulded finish provides excellent protection against scum build up, exhibit excellent corrosion resistance and are not susceptible to rust.